Columbia Forest Products closing Trumann facility

Monday, April 29, 2019

Columbia Forest Products announced plans to cease all hardwood plywood production activities and permanently close its Trumann facility. CFP anticipates that the permanent closure of the mill will take place sometime this fall.

Remaining orders for panel products manufactured at this facility are moving to other production sites within Columbia's existing North American network. The company had been operating the Trumann facility since 1986.

"The decision to close Trumann is especially difficult given the skills and commitment of the employees in Trumann," said Greg Pray, President and CEO of Columbia Forest Products. "As employee-owners, we consider them family."

"We have fought a long and challenging battle against unfair and imbalanced Chinese trade practices. First, with hardwood plywood. More recently, imported Chinese cabinets," said Pray.

"The combined and sustained impact of these and other factors have eroded our market opportunities to the point where we just couldn't operate the facility at a loss, waiting for the market to come back."

Roughly half of the plant's approximately 50 employees have been released, and the other half will remain for several months until all orders and machinery can relocate to other CFP plants.

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